No, that doesn't mean you have a license to speed on New York Sate roadways this week. It's just the opposite.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Speed Week began on Thursday June 4th and goes through Friday June 12th, according to the website.

The idea for Speed Week is to crack down on drivers who speed and/or are driving recklessly. How often have you seen this happening on our roadways? I'm sure a lot because I witness it every day. In addition, our New York State Police will also be keeping an eye on those who violate New York State's Move Over law.

"We will not tolerate speeding and reckless driving for a very simple reason: it puts everyone at risk and speeding is the leading cause of fatal crashes each year in New York State." - Governor Andrew Cuomo

The Governor goes on to urge New York State drivers to make safety the priority, and that includes not using your mobile phone while driving, observing speed limits and obey the Move Over law.

My own observations are that most obey the Move Over law, but the mobile phone and speeding, not so much. Every day I see drivers using their phone while driving. What's worse, is when they are texting. That is so dangerous for the driver and everyone in their path.

While I do go over the speed limit on major highways, the number of vehicles that go flying by me is astounding. But I've observed that many of those who are driving at 75 mile per hour or more, are out of state drivers. It gives my such pleasure when I pass an out of state speeder who just got pulled over. It that evil on my part?


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