The need to speed. Most of us have it in us. Once we got behind the wheel of a vehicle and learned to drive, the thought of flooring it and flying down the highway is such a thrill.

Maybe you got a taste of speed at a younger age riding on a dirt bike, four-wheeler, or snowmobile. It's the same thrill we get when we're on an amusement ride, except we are in control when behind the wheel of a vehicle.

So, what's the fastest you've ever driven a vehicle or motorcycle? I have to admit, I'm not comfortable driving at high speeds. Sure, I love the thrill of flying down the highway, but I just worry that if I lose control, that's not going to be a good thing.

The maximum speed limit is 65 miles per hour in New York State. But how many times have you actually obeyed that limit? I think I know your answer. Now, what is the fastest you have driven on New York State roadways?

How Many Times Do Motorists Drive Over 100 MPH?

The Gunther Volkswagon Daytona Beach website conducted surveyed 3500 drivers, the number of times per month motorists in each U.S. state admitted to driving 100 miles per hour or over per month.

For New York State drivers, that answer was three. Yes, an average of three times per month a New Yorker puts the petal to the metal and hits 100 MPH or higher. That average comes to 36 times per year. And that doesn't surprise me. I can't count the number of times vehicles have zipped by me like I'm standing still...and I'm speeding.

Would New Yorkers Speed More Often If There Were No Speed Cameras?

And the Gunther Volkswagon Daytona Beach survey goes even further, stating that of those 3500 responses, those coming from New York drivers reveal that more than half would speed more often if there weren't speed traps, and one in 10 don't believe New York State highways should have speed limits at all. Not sure that would be a good thing.

The average of three times per month seems to be the number for most states across the country. The state with the highest number of motorists hitting 100 MPH or over per month is Utah, with an average of six times per month.

Once when I was touring the United Kingdom, where the speed limits are higher than in the United States on some motorways as they call them, I decided to open up and see what 100 miles per hour felt like.

It was thrilling, but a bit scary at the same time. The car I was driving started to shake a little, so I backed down to 80 miles per hour which was the speed limit, even though most motorists around me were driving 90 to 100 mph.

[via Gunther Volkswagon Daytona Beach]

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