It's that time again my friends. Time to kind of say goodbye to summer with one big final celebration we call Labor Day weekend. I get a bit emotional at this time of year, because I don't want to see the summer season slip away. But as I understand it, there will be another summer next year. Not much gets by me.

I imagine this year's festivities may be a bit different that others for some because of the pandemic, and I'm sure for others, it's Labor Day weekend fun as usual. Hopefully however you celebrate, you social distance and wear face masks when and where it makes sense.

One of the things I do miss about the Labor Day weekend is the annual Johnson City Fields Days. When the last of the fireworks died off, that meant summer was over. I could hear the winter winds laughing in the distance, just waiting to take over.

No matter what your plans are, or are not, we have a really cool feature for you this Labor Day Weekend. Uncle Joe Benson, who you know hosts Ultimate Classic Rock, weeknights on 99.1 The Whale, has a special feature for you.

It's the Ultimate Classic Rock Stock Labor Day Weekend celebration! It's ten hours of legendary live performances with music from your favorite rock bands from Aerosmith to Van Halen. You'll hear exclusive 'backstage' interviews too!

This awesome feature will air in two parts, and then in it's entirety this weekend. The first five hours will air Saturday September 5th from 7 p.m. to 12 Midnight, and the second half will air Sunday September 6th from 7 p.m. to  12 Midnight. And then, Labor Day Monday September 7th we will air the entire ten hours beginning at 9 a.m.

Rock on this Labor Day Weekend with us and the Ultimate Classic Rock Stock. Take us wherever you go this weekend and listen on your FM radio at 99.1, your smart speaker, Whale App and online.

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