Labor Day means a day for the working person to take a day (or more) off from their hard-working job. It's also the unofficial end-of-the-summer celebration weekend.

For me, it's spending three days at camp enjoying time with my family and friends at camp. If I can stay awake past 10 p.m., it's been a good day. I think I make it to 11 p.m. most nights. It was a great weekend with very little rain. This summer has been a lot wetter than I prefer, even breaking the record for most rainfall in July. Not a record I want to brag about.

And for many in and around the Greene, New York area, it's an annual tradition with the Greene Labor Day Picnic. In addition to several events and food on Labor Day Monday at the Ball Flats, there's the ever-popular Greene Hose Fights.

I wrote an article about the hose fights last week and convinced one of my co-workers who grew up in Greene, to stop by and get some pictures of this event which you don't see in very many communities across the country.

He had to explain to me exactly how it worked since I wasn't quite getting the concept of the hose fight. Basically, a team of 5 has to get a ball tethered to a line across your opponent's goal line to win. Looks like a lot of fun, and I'm sure it takes some strength and agility to aim the water on this ball that's tethered to a line high in the air.

Check out the pictures from the 2021 Greene Labor Day Picnic Hose Fights, and congratulations to this year's winners.

Greene, NY Hose Fights


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