"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" - J. Wellington Wimpy. It's a line I will never forget. I grew up watching those Popeye cartoons, over and over and over again. It got to the point that I couldn't watch anymore, because I had seen every episode so many times over, and no new ones were being produced.

But, I never grew tired of a hamburger, and that's what today is really about. Although, strange as it may seem, I was not too fond of hamburgers when I was a kid. When we had hamburgers for dinner, it was either my father or mother, I don't remember exactly who, would make these huge patties.

Now that was probably fine for them as an adult, but for me, it was way too big, and I grew a distaste for hamburgers. The same went for steak. Now granted, I loved the taste of steak, but again, whoever cooked them, they came out tough to chew. And no one left the table without eating all of that steak. As a kid, chewing on something that lost its flavor long ago, but is still hard to break down and swallow, was torture. Well, at least it seemed like torture to me. To this day, I will avoid eating steak. A filet, yes, because the meat is tender, but I'll pass on that steak.

Oh yea, back to the hamburger. I do love hamburgers in any variety, as a patty, mixed in with pasta sauce, meatballs, meat logs, meatloaf, you name it, but do not serve me a hamburger that is oversized. For some reason, those memories as a kid come back to haunt me. A bit odd? Yep, that's me. Happy national hamburger day!

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