Happy National Arbor Day. It's celebrated on the last Friday in April, which, if you are reading this on April 27th, is today.

According to National Day Calendar, we should celebrate the day and care for trees. If you can, plants some new trees. Sounds like the right thing to do. Did you know this day was established back in 1872? Yup.

Trees certainly are good for the planet, and what a difference they make aesthetically. A tree was recently taken down on my street, and what a difference it made. The street looks barren. Lots of buildings, concrete, asphalt, and a lot less green.

So why do I feel guilty on Arbor Day? It's because a very large, old tree is being taken down in my backyard. For several years now, large branches have been falling off the tree causing damage, and I was recently informed that there's a huge split from the trunk to about 8 feet high.

If it's let go, one half of the tree will eventually come down on its own and cause major damage to my backyard. The other half will land on my neighbors home. Not good. It could happen in a week, a month, a year, 5 years.  Who knows. Probably not a good idea to play the odds.

I will miss that tree. It gave some serious shade in the backyard, and has been there since way before I was on this planet. Wait, maybe now will be a good time to plant a new tree. Happy National Arbor Day.

via National Day Calendar

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