Of all the things I miss about living in New York City, Christmas is definitely up there. And no New York Christmas is complete without the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

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According to NBC, this year's tree hails from Queensbury, New York. It's an 82-foot tall Norway Spruce that's approximately 85 to 90 years old and once again, it's a perfect choice for the most iconic of all New York City Christmas decorations.

A triumphant return for New York after losing out to Maryland in the tree selection process last year. According to the tree's history, New York has been on a hot streak lately putting up the best choice for Rockefeller Center. A New York tree was chosen in 2015 and 2016, from 2018 to 2020, and now again in 2022.

It certainly isn't the biggest tree that's overlooked the ice skating rink. That honor goes to the 1999 tree from Killingworth, Connecticut at a whopping 100 feet. But the 2016 tree from Oneonta, New York got pretty close at 94 feet making it the second tallest tree in Rockefeller Center history. But 82 feet is still bigger than most of the trees on the list.

According to the NBC report, the tree will be cut in the coming days and transported to Manhattan to be adorned with more than 50,000 LED lights. The tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for November 30th and after the Christmas season comes to an end, the tree will be taken apart and the wood donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Another great tree for another great Christmas.

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