Wednesday morning, I noticed that my ear felt like it was starting to get blocked. Any kind of ear issue is not fun for radio people who have to wear headphones while doing their job. When you can't hear out of one of your ears, you end up turning the headphones up louder, so even you can make out what you are saying, and the more you turn your headphones up, the more it bothers your ear.

By Friday morning, I knew I was definitely getting an ear infection. It was already sore and every hour it seemed like my cheek and neck became more swollen. I've had ear infections my whole life. I still get them about once a year, but this was the worst ear infection I ever had.

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By Friday night, I could no longer chew food because the swelling in my cheeks, jaw, and neck was that bad. I went to the walk-in where I was diagnosed with an ear infection. I started the antibiotics and the drops right away, and finally be this morning, I was starting to feel a little better.

The swelling did start to go down Sunday night into Monday, but every now and then I still get that sharp pain right in my eardrum. All weekend long I would suddenly get a sharp pain in my eardrum that felt like somebody was driving an ice pick right through the center of it.

As of today the pain has decreased quite a bit, but I still get those sharp pains every once in awhile. I'm finally starting to regain my hearing out of my right ear but it still sounds a little muffled. I just hope it goes away before I run out of Medicine. I really don't feel like dropping another hundred and twenty bucks on another prescription.

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