According to a story on CNN, the answer is yes.

The World Health Organization has officially classified video game addiction as a mental health condition for the first time ever. It's being called "gaming disorder." According to CNN, with that classification, it could help make it easier for people who have a problem with an addiction to playing video games, to get proper treatment.

According to the report, some psychologists don't think it should be considered on the same level as addictions like gambling, alcohol or drugs. Some psychologists think that the addiction is usually a side effect of depression or anxiety. I know people that really love to play video games, and they play them as much as they can, but the question is is it an addiction and is it taking over their lives?

I remember as a kid a couple of my friends had Atri years before we ever got one. I used to love going over their houses and playing games on it when it was raining outside. Or, even after it got dark. As I got older, I loved playing Madden and NHL on PlayStation. I didn't play it all the time, but there were times when my brother-in-law Ed and I would be up playing either NHL or Madden and drinking beer until three or four in the morning. And I would sometimes play NHL with Ian years ago. Now he's into Call of Duty and games like that. I don't even bother.

I wonder if we will soon see rehab centers 4 people battling video game addiction? Are you addicted, or can you quit whenever you want?

[via CNN]

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