This Saturday, I went to Sam's Club in Vestal to grab a few things. And as soon as I walked in the door, I saw they already had some Christmas decorations for sale.

Christmas is 100 days away. Before Christmas we have to get to the first day of fall which is a week away, followed by Halloween which is 45 days away, Thanksgiving is 73 days away, and then Christmas.

While I looked at the festive decorations I started thinking there are probably some people who already have their holiday shopping done. I wish I could be that well organized and prepared. I usually give my nieces and nephews money, buy Ian something and then give him money, and Chris does her own shopping on Black Friday and just gives me the receipts and I reimburse her for money that she spent picking out her own gifts.

As for decorating house, I usually wait until Black Friday to put the lights up outside. I noticed a bunch of houses are already decorated for Halloween, which again is 45 days away. We usually put pumpkins in the yard in the beginning of October, but the rest of our Halloween stuff goes up Halloween afternoon.

I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that there's already Christmas stuff in stores, being that the Halloween stuff started showing up right around the 4th of July. While we  were in Sam's Club, I asked Chris if we should pick up our Halloween candy now for the trick-or-treaters? We both looked at each other and started laughing. We both know what would happen if we bought Halloween candy this early. It would last about a week before somebody ripped open a bag! And before you knew it, we'd have to go out and buy more Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. Hmm, I think I figured out why they put it on sale so early...

So my question to you is are you excited when you see Halloween and Christmas stuff in stores early? Does it add stress and anxiety to your life? Or don't you care either way?

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