As of this writing, it's September 30th, the final day of September. How did we get here so quickly? Seems not that long ago that I was opening up my camper at the beginning of May, and now it's five months in with a month to go before I shut it all down again for six months.

You know I love spring, tolerate late spring and early fall, but the rest of the year, as the Grinch (Jim Carry version) might say "I loath winter." Either way, it's on it's way, so we must prepare.

I have checked out various weather sites and each has it's own prediction of what to expect in the northeastern part of our country, ranging from lots of cold and snow, to a bit like what we experienced last winter.

And I must admit, except for a few periods of really cold weather, winter wasn't so bad. I had to bring out the snow blower only twice, and one of those times, I could have just used my trusty old snow shovel. You know after the first significant snowfall, it's exciting to bring out the snow blower. But after that first storm, the love affair has faded away.

Speaking of the snow blower, I think now is the time to dig it out of the back of the shed, check the gas and fire it up just to make sure it's ready to go. Plus I get to annoy my neighbors with the loud sound emanating from my snow blower. Yeah I know, I have a bit of an evil mind from time to time.

Aside from that, I have switched the thermostat from ac to heat and taken out the window screens, replaced with glass panes. Plus, I've lined up all the video games I have for those long winter weekends when I have nothing better to do. Right now, I'm deep into football, although my team is not doing so well. I think it the fault of the guy with the controller.

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