It's been a while since I've gone shopping for clothes or shoes. Obviously, it's because of the pandemic and the fact that most stores were closed.

Yes, I could shop online, but I've tried that before and ended up having to send the item back because the fit was wrong. I would never order a pair of shoes or sneakers online. I end up trying plenty of shoes or sneakers when I go shopping, so taking a chance online for one pair would probably end in disaster for me.

So now that retail stores are opening up, do we feel safe enough to shop for clothes? I'm sure all retail businesses have strict regulations in place as well as sanitizing stations. But what are the policies of trying on clothes and footwear? An article in USA Today lists how to safely shop for clothes in person. There are a lot of good points and suggestions to stay safe while shopping.

Some stores may not give you the opportunity to use a dressing room to try on clothes. But if they do, what do you do with the items you tried on, but decide not to buy? Normally we would put them back on the rack, but I'm not sure that's an option now, or if it is, would that make you uncomfortable trying on a clothing item, wondering if someone else has recently tried it on and put it back for whatever reason?

The same goes for footwear. I've always felt a bit weird trying on shoes or sneakers and then putting them back after sliding my size 11 feet in them. Did someone else try on that footwear and put it back? How gross were their feet?

Maybe I'm looking more into this that I need to. Or am I?

via USA Today

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