We are New Yorkers. Well, except for those of you who reside elsewhere. New Yorkers have a reputation of being standoffish. Is that a word? Apparently so.

I think we actually take pride with that distinction. We are not ones to readily say hi to someone as we pass them, or strike up a conversation with strangers, unless they have upset us in some way, then all bets are off, and it's not gonna be pretty. Welcome to New York.

When I have traveled out of state, like a southern state for example, if asked where I'm from, I know what the persons comment will be. Something like "How is the Brooklyn Bridge" or "What's it like living in the Big Apple?" Yes, New York is comprised of nothing but New York City. Ugh.

Now I'm not sure, but it's possible there has slowly been a change in New York attitudes. Lately I have noticed people being nicer than usual, and even doing random acts of kindness.

For example, I know a person who puts out water dishes for dogs at the end of her driveway for people who are walking their dogs during the summer heat. She even has a cooler of bottled water for the human. What a great idea.

At my campground, people are always available to help in any way without being asked. I recently was greeted by a camper who popped out of nowhere it seemed, and offered to help me fold up a large tarp as the wind was wreaking havoc on my efforts. Took me by surprise and I didn't know how to react. I declined his offer. Snobbish New Yorker, I am.

I must admit, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. It's just not the New York way. Granted, the campground is in Pennsylvania, but many of the campers reside in New York. Maybe it's the fresh PA mountain air that changes our attitude.

Maybe you have seen an upturn in random acts of kindness. Maybe you have been one of those people. For that, I commend you. But I also don't want to tarnish our reputation. Maybe we can do random acts of kindness in moderation. Yea, that's it.

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