And the kindness just keeps on rolling. During this difficult time, the pandemic continues to bring out the best in people, and for many, coming up with some really cool ideas to show support and find ways to keep us all safe.

I've seen restaurants come up with interested ideas of keeping patrons safe while dining in their establishment, once they are allowed to open. One has placed mannequins at every other table to keep customers separated by at least six feet. Another business sort of has the same idea. Instead of mannequins, they are seating blow up dolls at their tables and booths.That must have been an interesting phone call when ordering. I can hear the conversation sounding something like this - "Yes, I'd like to purchase 30 of your finest blow up dolls."

An establishment in the state of Maryland tested a sort of inner-tube table idea. You stand in the middle and move around with your table on wheels that is surrounded by something that looks like the inner tube of a tire. I wonder how many will treat it like a bumper car?

On the local scene, the Chenango Forks Elementary staff recently put together an appreciation parade for the principal and vice-principal. The staff wanted to show their thanks for all the amazing efforts the principal and vice-principal have done during this pandemic. Just another example of all the good that has come out of people during Covid-19.

I'm sure more will happen as we continue to fight through these tough times. I've said it before and say it again, no matter what is thrown at us - good or bad, we find a way to put on a positive face and come out on the other end, just that better and with more appreciation of the life we've been given. Keep those positive vibes coming!

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