The Vegas Golden Knights are four wins away from winning the Stanley Cup. Last year at this time, the team didn't even exist.

Vegas was granted an expansion team in the NHL to begin play in the 2017-18 season. The team is made up of players that were cherry-picked from all the other teams in the league. Each team in the NHL could protect one goalie, a handful of forwards, and a couple defenseman in the expansion draft. Vegas did an awesome job compiling their roster with the draft picks and made some great trades that eventually built a good enough team to make it to the Stanley Cup finals.

It's A Cinderella story for sure. Most, if not all the players on the Golden Knights roster have played the entire season with a chip on their shoulders. They feel like they were not respected enough by their former teams to be protected in the draft, and they set out to prove that they should have been. So far, they have done just that.

There are teams in the NHL that have played for decades and have never won the Stanley Cup. For Vegas to do it in their first year, I think, would be unfair of the hockey gods if that were to happen. To me, it would be like the fans of Vegas we're just handed the Stanley Cup. I think a couple years of suffering would build up a very loyal fan base. I personally would love to see the Capitals win it all because they have never won it and have been in the league since 1974.

Vegas started out like gangbusters and had an incredible season. I don't think anyone could have predicted that they would have made it this far. Maybe I'm Wrong. Maybe this would be a great thing for the sport of hockey. Maybe it's another 'rags to riches' Las Vegas story. I always root for the underdog, maybe the Golden Knights are the definition of 'Underdog'. I'm torn. What do you think?

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