I know that summer isn't here yet and the NHL season is still in the conference finals for the 2021 season (Go Rangers) but it's never too soon to think about the 2022-23 season. On Friday, June 3rd, the Binghamton Black Bears announced their schedule for next season and we couldn't be more excited.

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The inaugural season for the Black Bears exceeded everyone's expectations and they came within 13 seconds of advancing to the quarterfinals in the Commissioner's Cup Playoffs. You can check out the Binghamton Black Bears highlights here.

The Binghamton Black bears have released their schedule for the 2022-23 season and will welcome three new teams to the league and to the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena.

Binghamton Black Bears 2022-23 Schedule

Binghamton will be welcoming Elmira to the league when the Black Bears play host for their home opener on Friday, 14th. Mississippi will be the next guest at the Visons Veterans Memorial Arena on Friday, October 21st, and Saturday, October 22nd.

The third new team, Motor City, will be stopping by on Friday, November 11th, and Saturday, November 12th at the arena. Delaware, Danbury, Watertown, Port Huron, Carolina, and Columbus are coming back as part of a 28-game home schedule.

As great as last season was, it promises to be even better for the 2022-23 season, check out what the coming year has to offer. You can go here to see the rest of the home schedule for the Binghamton Black Bears at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena.

I can't wait to see you at the Open House (TBA) for the upcoming season, in the meantime, let's look back to the beginning of it all last season.

2021-22 Binghamton Black Bears Open House

The Broome-Binghamton Dusters

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