That's a question we should never have to ask. But while most hospital visits and extended stays result in successes, there are times when accidents do occur. And according to a study by Grand Canyon University, "the smallest of accidents can have dire consequences for patients."

I have personally only had three experiences with hospitals. Each time, I was given the utmost care. The first time was for stitches resulting from one of my relatives accidentally dropping a cinder-block on my head (long story, rather not relive it), once when I had Pancreatitis, and most recently when I pissed off a bunch of Yellow Jackets that resulted in a few anaphylactic shock episodes and an ambulance trip to the hospital.

The Grand Canyon University study shows the average hospital safety grade for each state in the United States. New York and in some cases, Pennsylvania could do better. That is not to say our local hospitals need improvement, the study looks at each state as a whole.

Looking at the Grand Canyon University study, for years from 2016 to 2020, it lists New York State at 17.9% in terms of the annual average percentage of 'A' grade hospitals. That's on the low side of the scale when compared to 50 states. On the bright side, Pennsylvania ranked much better at 33.4%.

Looking at the average safety rankings for 2016 to 2020, the Grand Canyon University study lists New York State at 45.25% which is one of the lowest in the country for safety. Pennsylvania comes in at 20.50% which puts the state a bit above average when factoring in all 50 states.

In the study, you can also search for scores and more information for hospitals in every city in the United States.

via Grand Canyon University

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