Well, first off, I should ask how are are you coping with spending more time at home, that is if you are like many other Americans doing just that?

It's hard for those of us who continue to go to our workplace everyday to understand what it's like. Are you enjoying spending more time at home? Maybe getting more projects done. Things that you have put off for weeks, months, or maybe years?

Or are you now working remotely from home? One of my sisters is doing that, and she loves it. I'm guessing she wouldn't have an issue working from home on a permanent basis, especially in the winter months. Her commute is a long one driving through small country roads to get to work, where winter weather conditions make it dangerous. She's getting to the age that it's almost not worth the risk, except for the fact that ya gotta make money.

If you are spend more time at home and have pets, how are they adapting to the change in their daily schedule? I can imagine that dogs probably love it. Cats, maybe not so much. They are more independent than dogs, and may enjoy the quiet time at home when you are normally at work.

When people who have dogs for pets return back to their normal workplace, how will those dogs react? Will they suddenly acquire separation anxiety? It wouldn't surprise me, unfortunately. I've had dogs in the past who had a hard time dealing with being home alone. But, just like human issues, I suppose there's a type of medicine for that.

Hopefully, your pets will adapt once you head back to your workplace. Maybe they are looking forward to it. Only your pet knows for sure.

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