When you're a rookie on a professional major league baseball team, like the Houston Astros, you get picked on. This took their rookie hazing to a whole new level!

Via MLB.com:

“But around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, the rookie infielder’s shiny white Range Rover was on full display, having been driven around the circumference of the warning track at Minute Maid Park and finding its final resting place on the center field track, directly in front of Tal’s Hill.

There it sat, alone, for more than an hour, with only a smattering of A’s players jogging by it as they went through their morning workout routine.

Then, a couple hours before the 3:10 CT scheduled first pitch, Astros players began to trickle onto the field for optional batting practice. White, tipped off by teammates that there was something he needed to tend to on the field, came walking out in shorts and a T-shirt, sipping a bottle of water, seemingly wondering why everyone was looking at him and laughing.

Then White turned his attention toward the outfield, where 400 feet away sat his shiny white Range Rover.”


No word yet as to how his car fared in this incident. I'm sure he must be fine, since no news is usually good news!

[Via MLB.com]

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