After I got off the air at 10 am. I jumped in the Whale van and drove down Main Street to the beginning of the Columbus Day Parade.

Once the parade started, we must have driven five blocks before I actually saw what you would consider a crowd. Can't say I blame him it's raining and most of the people that were out there had umbrellas. And even some of the bands that were supposed to take part in the tournament of bands parade backed out because of the weather. It's also Italian heritage day with the Italian Fest taking place next to Boscov's in downtown Binghamton. If you want some good Italian food, grab an umbrella and head downtown for lunch.

It was such a contrast from the last parade I was in. It was the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Binghamton where thousands, if not tens of thousands of people turn out to drink and enjoy the parade. I'm sure if the weather was nicer there would have been a much bigger crowd.

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