Wow, a double day of national fun. How awesome is that?

It's National Potato Chip and Pi Day. Let's pretend National PI Day is National Pie Day. Much more exciting don't you think? Alright then, let's proceed.

Pie and potato chips are two of my favorite foods. Yep, both bad for you, but we all have our own bad vices. The potato chip came about in 1853, and were called Saratoga Chips.

My favorite flavor is sour cream and onion. Can't get enough of that flavor, although there are times, I just want plain 'ol original flavor. It's hard for me to choose a favorite brand, but I do tend to buy Lay's and Utz potato chips more than others. For a long time, I was pronouncing Utz wrong. I thought it was like 'You-tz' but it's pronounced like 'Putz' without the 'P' from what I've read. Could be wrong.

On to Pie. My favorite is apple crumb. With vanilla ice cream. Case closed on that subject. By the way, it's also 'Write Your Story Day' according to National Day Calendar. Not in the mood to write my story today. Or anyday. It would be more like short story.

There are more National Day observations today, but do we really care? Nah. Let's stick with pie and potato chips.

via National Day Calendar

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