The winter storm we were gifted last week by Mother Nature continues to affect our daily lives. Maybe you are still plowing out your driveway or digging out a vehicle. I still have some widening of my driveway to attend to, but I've run out of places to shovel the snow.

And now with the temperatures rising above freezing, the snow pack is becoming heavier. And while that makes shoveling snow that much harder, it also presents a big issue with the snow that remains on your roof. Heavy snow can cause damage to your roof among other issues.

My recommendation for getting all that heavy snow off your roof is to hire a professional if you can. If you do, hire a reputable contractor, agree on a price and make sure the contractor has insurance.

If you go it alone, it can create some serious problems. Maybe a roof rake is one way to go from the ground. Of course depending on the size and height of your roof, that may not work, but even then, you could be putting yourself in danger.

I'm no expert, but I would not recommend that anyone get on the roof or use a ladder to clear snow from your roof. The chances of falling could be high, and it's not worth injury or worse. And you don't know what might come falling off the roof when attempting to clear it of snow.

An apartment building that is next to my house is one example of not trying to clear the snow off without a professional service. Twice now, gutters on the side of the apartment building have come crashing down since this storm happened. One landed on my carport and I haven't been able to get to the area to find out if there is any damage. If someone had tried to clear the snow, those gutters could have come crashing down on them. It's not worth it. Be safe.

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