Remember when there were just a handful of days for recognizing something? Like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Day and Easter. Now is seems that every day has some sort of national recognition.

I don't know who comes up with these 'national days' but I think it's gotten out of control. Although, there are some that I can really get into, like today. November 16th is being recognized as National Fast Food Day, according to the National Day Calendar This is a day I will enjoy. Fast food is my friend and my enemy. I'm sure you know what I mean.

The problem with celebrating this kind of day is, I don't know what to eat.Will it be a foot long hot dog, bacon cheeseburger, chicken or fish sandwich? Maybe some fries, onion rings and/or chicken tenders. Top it off with a chocolate shake, or one of those frozen ice cream items.Too many decisions to make and too many outlets in our area to choose from. Possibly I'll go for a pizza, although I'm not sure how that gets labeled as fast food.

I will most likely obsess with these decisions today. Wish me luck during my quest for the perfect fast food dinner on this wonderful National Fast Food Day. Maybe Ron Swanson from the TV sitcom 'Parks and Rec' can give me inspiration in my quest.

via National Calendar Day


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