Do we become more paranoid as we get older? I think I may be headed that way.

In the past, I never gave much thought to what's going on outside, around my home. I felt that inside the walls, I was as safe as Fort Knox. I always keep my doors and windows shut and locked, but figured that's the only security needed.

As I have aged (gracefully?), I have become a bit more aware of possible dangers in my neighborhood. I don't actively watch out the window looking for anything that might be amiss, but as I hear more about the goings on in the area from some of my trusted neighbors, I began to think more about security.

In the past couple of months, I've replaced my doorbell with a doorbell/camera system. I can see what's going on at any time right from my mobile phone. I can hear and speak to anyone who comes near, or to my door. It records any motion within the range that I set up, and several times each day, I look at those videos.

I see when the mail person stops by, every vehicle that parks in front of or passes by the front of my house. Walk by my house on the sidewalk? I see you. What are the neighbors up to? Unfortunately I see that also.

My most trusted neighbor also has a security camera system in their home. So it's like I'm watching them watching me watching them. I can live with that.

In addition, I installed a camera that also has two way communication inside the house. I can see what my Greyhounds are up to at any time when I'm away. Mostly they are just sleeping. We don't call Greyhounds 'Couch Potatoes' for nothing.

I'm considering installing a camera that covers my driveway. I don't like strangers walking up my driveway. Oh yea, I also installed two very bright LED security lights that face the driveway. Any motion sets them off. Even my backyard is flooded with flood lights.

As I get older, am I becoming too paranoid? When does it become overkill? Maybe when I begin to consider hiring a security officer.

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