The New York State Comptroller’s office says one area school district could have a few chinks in its armor protecting information in its computer systems.

Bob Joseph/ WNBF News
Bob Joseph/ WNBF News

Binghamton City School District is being criticized for failing to review network user accounts and unplug the unnecessary ones.

A recent audit from the New York State Comptroller’s office says the district also needs to provide internet technology security awareness training more regularly to staff and have a contract for IT services with BOCES.

The audit of a period between July of 2017 and last May found of over 1,500 network user accounts in the district, there was no match for 160 of those and 54 had not been used in six months.  The comptroller’s office said that could leave the door open for a hacker to step in.

The report also said Binghamton School officials should make sure people who use IT resources are better aware of security risks and the district could improve protecting drafts and other information during disaster recovery. 

The district says it is addressing the concerns in the report.


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