Recently during my obsession with maps, as I was looking at an overview of the Southern Tier of New York on Google Maps, I noticed tiny red area on the map. As I zoomed in, turns out it was an aerial view of Wildcat Stadium in Johnson City.

The stadium is pretty impressive for a high school, so I thought it might be a cool idea to check out other areas high school stadiums viewed from the air. Everybody loves a stadium. It's the thrill of competition and loyalty to your school as you root on your home team.

When I was in high school, catching a Friday night football game was one of the highlights of my school years. The roar of the crowd, the bright lights illuminating up every inch of the stadium, the smell of stadium hot hogs and popcorn and hanging out with your friends rooting on your school's team is an experience not to miss.

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I took a look at ten area high school stadiums in the Southern Tier from Owego to Greene, and I have to admit, thay are all state of the art facilities. I think you'll agree, our area schools have some very impressive high school stadiums.

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[via Google Maps]

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