I need to get a life. Aside from my visits to the campground on the weekend during the camping season (which is just about to end) I spend my days at work and at home. That's about it.

Rarely do I get out and do things or visit places like most people do. So when I do get the chance to leave the building, I jump at the opportunity, especially when someone else is doing the driving. That's how I spend last Wednesday.

We share some services with other Townsquare Media radio stations, and there are cities our sister radio stations are located in that are just a short drive away, like Utica, Albany, Buffalo, Poughkeepsie, Oneonta, Walton, and Norwich.

Our IT person (computer guy) visits our stations in Oneonta, Walton, and Norwich from time to time, so I begged him to let me tag along with him on one of his trips. I bill it as a learning trip and to connect with our co-workers in other cities. Or was it just to skip out of work for the day?

Actually, it turned out to be a good, productive and fun day, meeting radio people that we normally never get to connect with in person, seeing how they run their radio stations and what good restaurants they have close by. Oops, forget that last part. Of course, throw in a couple of conference calls in the middle of the day and that validates my day as a working trip, right?

Thanks to all our Townsquare Media co-workers in Oneonta and Walton for making my day a fun one. It's time I got out and saw the world outside of Binghamton, even if it's only a 60-minute drive away.

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