So here we are. In the dead of winter. Definitely not my favorite time of year. We're stuck inside for the most part, except for those of you who are winter outdoor enthusiasts. I am not.

We could just live like hermits for the entire season of cold, snow and ice, or we can look for interesting things to do that will get us out of the house. Well, we have one that just may break up the monotony. You may be familiar with it. We call it Binghamton On Tap. And, if you love craft beer as many of us do, this is the event for you.

Binghamton On Tap has been around for a few years now, and every year it's the 'winter go to event'. We tailor it to your schedule. The event is on Saturday, February 8th.

And we have three sessions to choose from. Two regular tasting sessions and a VIP tasting session. Everyone gets a souvenir tasting glass, koozie and a map of the Binghamton On Tap layout, so you know where and how everything is laid out.

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100 craft beers, over 50 breweries, live music, vendors selling cool stuff and food available for purchase. That should help to bring your spirits up in the dead of winter.
For complete information about Binghamton On Tap and purchase tickets, just click on the blue button below and get ready for an awesome time on February 8th!

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