After several months of gas prices under $2 a gallon, prices are slowly making their way back towards $3 a gallon.

New York State's average price for regular unleaded at the time of this blog is $2.44, while Pennsylvania's is $2.47.

There are many ways to cut back and save a little towards your weekly petrol expenses. Everything from car pooling, to buying on special gas sale days around town can help.

Among the various ways we can stretch a tank of gas, there are some myths that you should be aware of too.

  • Buy your gas in the morning; because the outside air is cooler and will expand later in the day, giving you more gas by volume, it sounds good in theory, but gas is stored way below ground level, and does not give that difference of potential in density, so you're really not saving anything.
  •  Making sure your tires are properly inflated to the recommended air pressure; under inflated tires can cost you gas mileage and reduce the life of your tires.
  •  Don't accelerate like a mad man; you're not running a race, and while other drivers can get on your last nerves, beat them at their own game by saving money and preserving the life of your vehicle.
  •  Air Condition will reduce gas mileage efficiency; although tests do not indicate that it does much, I believe if you have the air on consistently you are losing some gas mileage.
  •  Buy your gas earlier in the week; gas prices often rise on Thursday in anticipation of weekend travel.
  •  Gas rewards cards and promotions from area businesses will help you save some money; if you find a place in your daily travels that has a rewards program, it may be worth signing up for one. There are also Apps that will locate the best prices in your area.