For a few years now, the price of regular unleaded gasoline between New York State and Pennsylvania have averaged about 15 to 20 cents difference. Pennsylvania became more expensive than New York several years ago when more taxes were added to the pump price. It used to be just the opposite with New York being more expensive.

And this year, when prices began to rise again after the pandemic shutdown subsided, I noticed that the difference in price between the two states was only a few cents. Not sure why, but it made it less of a shock to my wallet if I purchased gasoline in Pennsylvania.

But over the past couple of weeks, I noticed a big jump in gas prices in Pennsylvania, while New York remained stable, and lately, a couple of cents cheaper. I took a look at the AAA Gas Price website and found some interesting numbers.

The average price in Binghamton is about $3.18 although I've seen prices from $3.09 to $3.15 around the Triple Cities. In Towanda, Pennsylvania which is close to where I camp during the summer, the average price is $3.39. In Scranton, Pa, the average price for unleaded gas in $3.23 according to AAA.

Why is there an average 16 cents difference between Bradford County (Towanda) and Lackawanna County (Scranton?) Apparently it depends on where an area gets it's supply from. And if there is an issue with that supplier, the price could vary. Bradford County currently has the highest price per gallon in the state of Pennsylvania, so I'm guessing there must be some issue with the supplier.

By the way, last year at this time, the price of gasoline in the Binghamton area was $2.17, about a dollar less than it is now. Of course the reason for that was because of the pandemic where many people were not on the roads, going on vacation, attending events, etc. The demand is much higher now, and we are paying for it.

I plan on spending my next vacation in Pennsylvania. Guess what state I will be filling up my gas tank for the trip?

via AAA Gas Prices

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