Many many years ago, when I drove through New Jersey for the first time, I had no idea of the grief I was about to experience at a gas station.

Everywhere I have been in my travels, I pump my own gas. It's all I know about gassing up my vehicle. Sure, I remember as  kid, my parents would get a fill up at a full service gas station, but I don't think it was a mandatory thing. And they always asked if you wanted your oil level and tire pressure checked. For the most part, those days are gone.

New Jersey, Oregon and possibly soon in Illinois, pumping your own gas is a no-no. I think the law has been relaxed in Oregon with some gas stations allowing self serve with certain restrictions.

Anyway, I pulled into the gas station somewhere forgettable in New Jersey, shut off the engine, popped open the gas tank door, and was about to grab the unleaded gas pump handle until a station attendant came running out yelling at me to stop.

I had no idea it was illegal to pump your own gas. Never heard of such a thing. So, embarrassed I went back into the car and waited for the attendant to fill up my tank. Of course, in addition to the cost, there was the matter of a tip. I was not happy about that.

Some people may enjoy a full service at a gas station, which is a rarity these days, but I prefer to fill up the tank myself and pay at the pump. So, if I'm about to travel through New Jersey, I make sure to fill up just before the border.

Do you think full service stations should be the norm, including making it illegal to pump your own gas? My vote is no.

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