I love to go out to eat. It may be because I can't cook. I can heat up stuff in the microwave and make a sandwich, but that's about it.

We are creatures of habit, and I'm wondering if it also pertains to places you visit...not just restaurants, but places you shop for example. Maybe it's just me.

When I am tasked with the thought of grabbing some food other than the almost bare shelves of my kitchen, I tend to have a 'go to' list of restaurants. Now the reason for the five I mention, is because the food in my opinion, is very good. Otherwise, I wouldn't go there. That's a no-brainer.

Of course, there are many great restaurants in the Binghamton area, and I need to expand my visits to places that I haven't been to in a while, or have never visited.

The five I listed are some of my favorites, and they are also very convenient because they are a quick drive from my home.Obviously there are others that I visit, but my five 'go to' restaurants include:

Los Tapatios. I change it up as to which location I visit - Endicott and Vestal. I like the Mexican offerings they serve and the food comes out quick.

Adriano's. I am very picky about pizza. It has to be New York Style. My all time favorite pizza is Aniello's in Corning, NY, but Adriano's is a hot contender to my favorite.

Broadway Diner. I LOVE diners, and there are so many great diners in the Binghamton area. My favorite breakfast food at the Broadway is the eggs benedict.

Far East Chinese Restaurant. The only business remaining in the former Weis Plaza on Main Street, is my 'go to' place for delicious, hot Chinese food. Generous portions and great taste.

Little Venice Restaurant. The Sauce. The Spaghetti. The Meat Logs. Need I say more?

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