The Broome County Humane Society reminds pet owners that fireworks and other Fourth of July celebrations can terrify animals. While you may be literally "having a blast" your pet or other pets nearby may not be having the fun you are.

The added stress of noise and exploding fireworks can make your pet behave in unusual ways. They may become more aggressive or just the opposite and look to get away from all the noise by running off or hiding.

The Broome County Humane Society has published some suggestions and guidelines when your pet is around fireworks and other holiday celebrations.  First of all the Humane Society suggests that you keep your pet away from fireworks.  If there is no specific reason to bring your pets to an area where fireworks will be set off then don't bring them.  If it is necessary to have your pet with you make sure your pet has an identification tag and microchip to facilitate locating your pet if you become separated.

BC Humane Society Facebook photo
BC Humane Society Facebook photo

The Humane Society advises "pet-proofing" your home.  If stressed or frightened there can be a tendency to become destructive and not only can valuable items be destroyed but your pet may become injured or sick from the confusion.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Broome County Humane Society.



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