Are DJs and musicians mortal enemies? One plays music from a recorded source and the other creates that music. Back in the day, bands were the norm for weddings, high school proms and dances. Now you see many of those events taken over by DJs. I'm not sure exactly why.

I'm honored as a DJ, to play music on the radio and at events such as weddings, parties, schools and whatever an event needs music for. The closest I came to being a musician was playing percussion in the school band. I did have aspirations of becoming a drummer in a band, but that never happened. Never got the chance to learn how to play a drum set. Every Christmas I asked good old Santa Claus for a drum set, but it never materialized.

This all got me to thinking...and as you know I hate to strain my brain...about the many area musicians and bands who perform regularly in the Binghamton area. I've seen (and heard) some really good talent here. There's nothing like going to a bar and listening to a great band or solo artist. My question to you is, who is your favorite band and/or solo artist in the Binghamton area? I'm sure many of you do have a favorite, so...

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