Do you fit into the title of this article? I do. Do you feel a bit left out? I do.

Not that it's something I obsess about. You can add in other specific days, like Mother's Day and Grandparents Day. Not everyone decided to have kids, or had kids who didn't have kids, so you will never be known as a parent or grandparent.

I'm sure the number of people in that category is larger than you think. Maybe there should be a 'Single Person's Day' or a 'Married Person's with No Children Day.' The problem with that would be, who would you celebrate it with, and who gets you the lousy-but-thanks-for-the-thought gifts?

Would it be just fine to have our own day so we can at least enjoy it like Father's Day or Mother's Day? Maybe find others who fit in that category and celebrate as a group. Possibly do a Secret Santa-type gift giving exchange. Gifts under 20 dollars, or something like that. You know, as I write this, I think I'm coming up with something tangible. Who do I send the idea to?

Hell, every day is some sort of a celebration of something. Take today (6/12) for example. It's National Loving Day, Red Rose Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day, Call Your Doctor Day and Jerky Day. Really?

So, if we can have silly days like those, how about my suggestion above? Let's do it. Those of you who don't have kids or grandkids....pick a day and let's celebrate! I'll bring the chips. Who's bringing the booze?

via National Day Calendar

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