Learning about our area has always been interesting to me. Since I did not grow up in the Binghamton area, I enjoy learning about the history of this area, like what this area looked like in the past, and how it has changed.

One thing that peaked my interest recently, is the history of some of our roadways including Routes 7, 11, 17c and I-88. There are facts about these roads that you might have not known. Here's what I have learned.

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    Route 17c

    When I think of Route 17c, I think of the portion between Endicott and Owego. It actually runs from Waverly to Binghamton. Oddly enough, it wasn't until this week, that I saw the sign that tells you where Route 17c ends on the eastern side. It's right in front of Binghamton High School. I drive by this sign everyday, and it took a few decades for me to see it. In my defense, I'm looking for kids crossing the road to get to the high school, not road signs...lol! What route picks up where Route 17c ends? It's Route 11 at the intersection of Front and Main.

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    Route 11

    I tend to think of Route 11 as just one of our local roads, but it's actually a U.S. Route stretching from New Orleans to Rouses Point, NY. That would be a great road trip don't you think? If you were to begin here, it would take you through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana Did you know in Tennessee, it splits into east and west routes?

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    Route 7

    Route 7 is a New York State Route. If you are as old as I am, you will remember that's the road you took to head towards Albany, before all those 4 lane roads were built, like Route 17 and I-88. Route 7 begins at the PA border near Great Bend and ends near Bennington Vermont.

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    Interstate 88 is one of those roadways that does not cross the border into another state. It was opened to traffic in 1989, and takes you from Binghamton to Rotterdam. Did you know there's another I-88? It's within the borders of Illinois. New York State's I-88 is named for former state Senator Warren M. Anderson.

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