This is pretty intense - watch as the situation unfolds on video, where this engineer running a commuter train leaps from his moving hunk of metal because the "crash was imminent". How do you think this pans out? Everyone is drawn to train wrecks, you know, like Presidential Debates. However, in this case, it was a literal train wreck!

According to :

" On February 6th 1991, a VIA Rail Canada train #6902, rounded a curve at the CP Smiths Falls subdivision in Ontario, on its way to Toronto. Taking the curve at 93 mph (with a posted speed of 95mph) the trains crew was shocked to find a CP Freight train in its path!

Upon seeing the freight, the engineer immediately pulled the emergency brakes! However it seemed as though the commuter engine was still coming in too hot and was destined to collide with the freight train! In a stroke of genius by the freights operator, the quick thinking engineer began reversing the train, giving the engine #6902 the few feet it needed to come to a complete stop! "

Fortunately, the engineer suffered no serious injuries.

What would you do if you saw your engineer leap from the cab of the train that you are currently a passenger of?

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