Saturday night my wife Chris and I along with two friends, went to Animal Adventure for Drafts with Giraffes. It was my first time going to Animal Adventure and besides the 15 minute downpour, it was a great time.

They had microbrews from all over the state as well as other states, lined up along the animal trail giving out samples of their beer and cider. The event had been sold out for quite a while and there was a great turn out.

While sampling the beers, Animal Adventure's staff gave informative talks about some of the animals including the black bears. Their handlers were inside the bears' den talking about where the animals came from and explaining the hibernation process.

Most of the beers were new to me, but there were a few I had tried before. Most of them were good, some of them were just not for me. I did find this BlackBerry Cider that was like drinking Black Cherry Soda. I'm not a big fan of hard ciders, but I went back to this stand three times and stopped and bought a case of it at Sam The Beer Man on the way home.

The animals were awesome. The highlight of them all were the giraffes. Including arguably the most popular giraffe in the world Tajiri, son of the second most popular giraffe in the world, April.

It was an awesome time and if you are both a beer and animal lover, this event is a can't miss. But make sure you get your tickets fast next year. This year, they sold out in a matter of weeks.

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