The NFL season has seen most teams playing 8 games, so its time for a mid-season review of the New York football Giants.

This is not a review through the eyes of an expert analyst, but rather from the chair of a true-blue New York Giants fan.

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I have talked to several Giants fans like myself, and we all have one big glaring problem with this football franchise, the consistency of losing.

Here is a team that has won 13 and lost 43 in just three and a half years, and have made the playoffs once in the past nine years.

I decided that I wouldn’t watch the Monday night game against the Buccaneers, and opted for a good night sleep instead.

I think the most frustrating issue with Giants fans, is the way they lose, and the fact that it comes down to three key consistencies within this franchise.

Turnovers are a huge problem, and Daniel Jones has been the Giants poster boy, his poor decisions have cost the team several games this season.

Offensive line continues to be an issue, not allowing Jones enough time to find his receivers, although watching the highlights of last weeks game against Tampa Bay they executed better.

Failure to close out games, time after time, the Giants allow the opposition to march down the field in the fading minutes of the game and score.

The Giants last three loses were for a combined total of six points.

Coach Joe Judge says his team continues to improve each week, but the only thing the fans see improving is the amount of loses.

I’ll reserve the rest of my comments for another article, you may not agree with me, no wait, if you’re a Giants fan you agree with me.

Don’t want to steal a political quote but “Come On Man!”

Tired of Losing.

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