Some of the ideas Jim Free and I come up with every week during our weekend theme meeting are just, well, stupid. But it's fun anyway.

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This week, during constant food and drink breaks which made the meeting far too long, we struggled with deciding on a theme. Then an idea came to us as if the rock-n-roll gods descended from the concert in the sky and said, "How about playing the A and B side of some rock hits that had a B side that didn't suck?"

Jim and I looked at each other, high-fived it, and together exclaimed - "done." If you could only see the weirdness that goes on during these meetings. So there you go - hourly double-shots of songs from the 45 record era, where we will play the A side which was the hit side of course, followed by the lesser but still very good B side. Whew, another weekend theme in the bag.

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