From time to time, I like to check out weather forecasts for other parts of the country, especially during the winter. The upper portions of the country along with the northeast of course take the brunt of cold, snow and icy winters. We get that, and proudly deal with it.

And that's why I have to laugh when I see the reactions to winter weather warnings for areas that normally see little to no snowfall. Checking the National Weather Service Facebook pages, I noticed that winter weather conditions are possible late this weekend for some areas of southeast Texas, Shreveport Louisiana and Jackson Mississippi.

While the possibility of snow accumulation isn't exactly known at this time (Friday) according to the National Weather Service, there could be anywhere from less than one inch to as much as two inches. Oh my. I bet the stores have sold out of rock salt and snow shovels, if they had any to begin with. Will there be a snow day for the kids?

I guess I shouldn't pick on areas of the country that don't do well with snow accumulations, since they deal with other serious weather events that we may not see much of, or at all, but it goes to show just how well we perform with winter weather conditions.

And it's not just the southern part of the country that may go into panic mode over a couple of inches of snowfall. I remember several years ago when I was visiting friends in Washington, DC and two inches of snow fell overnight. All the local television morning newscasts were wall to wall with snow coverage. You'd think they'd just been hit with 40 inches of snow. The city basically shut down. Schools were closed. It was a two inch snow nightmare for the nation's capitol.

I had a good laugh at that as I headed out on the snow covered DC roadways proclaiming the famous line "Hold My Beer."

via National Weather Service

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