We often hear about the importance of having a smoke detector in our homes. It just makes sense, and having a working smoke detector can and does save lives. We are reminded to replace the batteries every six months usually around the time change just as a reminder to keep them in working order, and I do.

I purchased 10 year smoke detectors and have one in the doorway between the living room and bedroom, one between the dining room and kitchen and one at the bottom of the stairs in the basement.

I also have a carbon monoxide detector in my kitchen. For a long time I didn't think it was a big deal to have one, but it is. One Christmas, my mom bought my siblings and me, a carbon monoxide detector, since she knew none of us had one. It was probably one of the best gifts we could receive.

And they are not just for your home. You should have one located in your garage if you have one. Especially good if you work on vehicles in your garage or run heaters in the cold months of the year.

Also, if you have a camper, it's a must have. Most campers now have built in carbon monoxide detectors, and mine is very sensitive, but I'd rather it be that way, than not function properly should a gas leak occur. Carbon monoxide has no odor, color or taste, and that makes it so dangerous.

Another place that is a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector is on a boat that has enclosed areas. You may have appliances that use gas, and leaks can occur, so it is in your best interest to install a carbon monoxide detector.

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And remember to regularly check your carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly and that the battery is good. Better to be safe than take  what could become a deadly chance.

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