Last week, it was revealed that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were named Time Magazine's Persons Of The Year. I have no issue with either, and I'm not going to get into politics, but would have thought someone else would have won the honor.

And by that, I don't mean a particular person, I mean a group of particular people who have demonstrated amazing efforts for most, it not all of 2020. And that group of people includes frontline health care workers and essential workers.

I know first hand more than once this year how dedicated our health care workers are. During the whole ordeal of my multiple bee sting incident over the summer, the EMTs and hospital staff were 'simply the best' as Tina Turner would sing it.

Then, over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had a tangle with a stray cat and lost. The walk-in staff and doctors were again very helpful, keeping me calm (I was livid and in pain), and took great care of me.

These are the same people who also deal with the Covid situation. And that's where they all shine the best. Speaking of Covid, I tested positive this year, and received amazing care. Thankfully my illness wasn't bad enough to be hospitalized.

And how about all the other essential workers? Those who are cashiers, waiters, etc. People who come in contact with the general public everyday, risking their health? Aren't they worthy of person of the year? They are in my book. And I'm sure there are others that I may have missed.

Maybe a compromise could be a political or famous person of the year cover and another issue with a person of the year cover who deserves it just as much or even more for what amazing contributions they have made to the human race? Why not.

via Time Magazine

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