Broome County this week received 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for the county health department to distribute 400 to essential workers and 100 to those covered by the office of Developmental Disabilities.

Additional doses are allocated by the state and federal governments to hospitals and to pharmacies in the region.

Broome County Willow Point Photo
Broome County Willow Point Photo

New York State also has its own allocation of doses being administered at state sites like the location in Johnson City at the former Gannett publishing facility.

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Broome County is expecting a five percent increase in doses next week following word of the additional supplies came in one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s briefings this week.  Local officials, however, say they wait until they get the total allocation announcement from the state on Sunday night before they make final plans on how many vaccines are administered. The New York State Health Department directs local departments on how many doses go to which groups.

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