Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law...from a distance. In a normal lifetime, my wife and I would be taking her out for dinner. Not this year, same as last year. Oh, there will still be a dinner for her, but it will be nothing more than ordering takeout, picking it up from the restaurant, driving to her house, placing the food on the front porch, ringing the door bell and running.

Okay, we won't be running away, but keeping within the six foot rule. Dinner, cake, card and a wave goodbye. Here's your birthday celebration courtesy of the pandemic. Just venting of course, but same as you, I'm getting tired of these missed celebrations.

Last year, my wife reached a milestone age (I won't say what age for fear of revenge), and instead of a nice family get together or surprise party, her day was not much more than any other day. But soon that will change for both of us. Last week we each received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (one and done), and I'm counting down the two weeks before I start converging on visiting many restaurants for a sit down meal.

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Sure, I know everyone has different opinions about all this pro and con. I chose to follow the regulations during the pandemic and be as safe as I can. Soon, we'll all get back to gatherings with family and friends like it used to be. Although there have been times when I've been around a person that I'd wish there was a six foot separation rule, if you know what I mean.

Oh yea, also Happy Birthday to one of my nieces, Kayla, who turned 30 today. Time goes by fast, but the thing that scares me about the fact she is now 30, is that I'm now officially old as dirt. Yay.

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