Well, not really, I had the same thought for the headline of my article  as Jim Free did today - "How I Spent My Stay At Home Weekend', but he beat me to the punch. Although, I kind of like this headline better. And my weekend was crazier than his, too. I think.

For my weekend, I finally got to finish watching 'Tiger King.' Wow, could they pack anymore true to life craziness into that documentary? I'm not sure they could. I thought I was the only one watching Joe Exotic, but apparently, he along with his friends, co-workers, lovers and enemies are now known worldwide. It's the talk of social media and beyond.

There is one thing that disappoints me about the documentary, but doesn't surprise me, is that all the songs Joe sings in his music videos, really isn't him. The voice on those videos didn't quite seem like what I thought Joe Exotic's singing voice would be. According to the UK Mirror, the vocals were recorded by the Clinton Johnson Band.

When I wasn't glued to the tube watching Mr. Exotic's antics, I made the dumb decision to clean out the floor area of my closet. I found a decades old air-conditioner, bedding that I haven't seen in years, clothes I can't fit into, and a few Whale t-shirts from the 80's and 90s that I forgot existed. I tossed a lot of stuff out. That took longer than I anticipated, and was exhausting.

While most of my weekend was staying home, I did venture out to a local diner for some breakfast take-out. Just trying to help out our local businesses. I agree with Ron Swanson (my hero) of the TV sitcom 'Parks and Recreation who says, "Breakfast food is my favorite meal of the day." "Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?" "There never has been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food." Well said, Ron.

I topped off my weekend with some good ol' GTA 4 game play. It's a stress reliever, and I haven't played the game in several years. Although, I think it also gets my blood pressure up when I fail to complete some of the challenges. Maybe that's not a good thing. So, how was your stay at home weekend?

via The Mirror, Jim Free

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