Many campgrounds have weekend activities. It's a great way to get campers together to have some fun.

My campground offers activities each weekend (and sometimes during the week.) There are several activities for both children and adults. Food plays a big part in get togethers including pot luck dinners and chicken barbeques. The campground even has a large indoor roller skate rink with game room and snack bar.

On the 4th of July, there is the popular golf cart parade, with campers decorating their golf carts in a patriotic style. Everyone loves parade! There are other holiday theme weekends like Halloween and Christmas, where campers decorate their trailers and RVs to match the weekend theme.

There is a weekend devoted to dogs, and to end the season on Labor Day weekend, the staff and volunteers place luminaries on the sides of all the camp roads. When it gets dark, everyone travels around the park to enjoy the lighted roads. It's quite impressive.

Last year, the activity committee added a new event - Cardboard boat races. I've seen this type of event done in Watkins Glen. The participants have some very elaborate boats, and most stay above water rather well.

The first year, we had three or four boats. I think only one made it through the entire course, which is not long to begin with. This year, there was a little over a half dozen boats.

Rather than a race against each boat, the race was determined by time, individually. A few boats made it from start to finish. Some didn't make it out of the gate. It was all in fun and everyone had a good time. I was impressed with the types of boats put together. One was a tank, one a sea serpent, and one was a take off on the Tom Hanks movie - Castaway.

The rules state cardboard, duct tape and noodles only. I think next year's event will be even bigger. Check out the pictures!

Cardboard Boat Races

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