Most full service restaurants offer several choices of alcohol on their menu. And then there are some that do not. I've never thought it was big deal either way since I prefer to drink water or a diet soda with my meal. Don't tell my mom about the diet soda. She disapproves that I occasionally drink diet soda, and doesn't care that I'm an adult as she's scolding me.

One of my favorite places to eat is Cracker Barrel. I remember the first time I visited a Cracker Barrel. It was during a road trip vacation to Louisiana. I stopped at one of their restaurants in Virginia, and ordered the meatloaf dinner. I was pleased with my selection, and was very happy when they built a restaurant in the Binghamton area. Cracker Barrel did not have alcohol offering on their menu.

But, CNN has reported that Cracker Barrel is expanding their menu to include alcohol. They've added alcohol selections in a few cities in the states of Tennessee, Florida and Kentucky, and if successful, rolling out to all locations.

The offerings according to CNN, include beer, wine and Mimosas. And some locations offer mimosa kits to go. Now I could enjoy a mimosa with breakfast, but would probably pass on beer or wine with lunch or dinner. Apparently the test run was successful. Cracker Barrel will be selling alcohol on a permanent basis in the test restaurants and have plans to add alcohol over their fiscal years to all other restaurants.

Not sure when the Binghamton or Elmira area Cracker Barrel locations will be introducing alcohol to their menu, but for those of you who enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage with a meal, hopefully the wait won't be long.

via CNN

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