This week we feature another cover tune originally written and recorded by the Kinks, it was the second such Kinks cover by Van Halen, although they made them their own.

Van Halen’s  huge break through debut album in 1978 contained the Kinks hit ‘You Really Got Me’ although many people thought it was a VH original because of the Eddie Van Halen classic solo ‘Eruption’ that was tagged with the song, during radio airplay, and in their concert sets.

Van Halen did several cover tunes throughout their first three albums, rangin from Roy Orbison, Linda Ronstadt, and even Roy Rogers.

The group recorded their second Kinks cover on their 1982 album ‘Diver Down’ enjoy this weeks Got Ya Covered’ video of the week Van Halen with “Where Have All the Good Times Gone’

Check out the original by the Kinks too.

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