This song was written by Blues artist Robert Johnson in 1936, and popularized by Eric Clapton and Cream in the late 60's.

Robert Johnson led a life that was not well documented, but his 1936 recording sessions introduced the world to some of the best blues covers from the future legends of rock.

Eric Clapton introduced one of Johnson's blues standards to his band Cream and it became a band favorite in 1966, and became the opening song on their 1968 Album "Wheels Of Fire'

When Cream broke up the label released a studio version of the song which hit number 28 on the Billboards hot 100.

The Rock and Roll Hame of Fame listed it as number 3 on the greatest guitar songs of all time

Many artists and groups recorded versions including Canadian rockers Rush who covered the song on their 2004 album Feedback.

Here's Rush with 'Crossroads'

Check out their live and studio versions, plus the original Cream versions below, this week's 'Got Ya Covered' video:

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